Hall Use information


  • Bar: 
    • Please ensure that a plastic mat is used to protect the floor in any area where a bar is set up or drinks are served.
  • Kitchen: 
    • The kitchen area is available for use; please note that locked cupboards must not be forced. All cutlery and crockery is to be cleaned and put away after use. All breakages must be reported. Work surfaces and floor must be cleaned and left tidy.
    • There are cups, saucers, tea plates, teaspoons and knives available for your use. There are also appox. 150 place settings, including cutlery.
    • There is a dual-fuel range style cooker.
    • A broom, dustpan and brush, mop and bucket are located near the cookers and in the cupboard next to the cookers.
  • Spot Lights:
    • Controls for these lights are located in a locked cupboard to the left of the stage. A key for this cupboard will be provided if it is indicated on the booking form that they are required.
  • Parking spaces are marked for a few cars: please use these spaces. DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE ENTRANCE TO THE SCHOOL PLAYGROUND – THIS IS FOR EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY. We would ask that you show consideration to those who are using the pavements and do not park on them.

AFTER THE USE OF THE HALL, please return all chairs and tables to the original locations, following these guidelines: 

  • All chairs and tables must be stacked safely after use. 
  • Chairs should be stacked with the seats facing the wall.
Please put 3 rows of chairs, 6 chairs high, stacked to the right of the stage.
  • Square tables are stacked to the left of the stage.
  • Remainder of the chairs to be stacked in the store room, maximum of 6 high. 
  • Tables to be stored on the table trolleys a maximum of 14 tables per trolley, in the store room.
    • NB: Please ensure that a 1-metre gangway is left in the storeroom for access.
  • PLEASE ensure that toilets are left in a clean and tidy state.
  • There is a telephone that is for emergency calls only.